21 Nov 2018

Bernoullianum, Hörsaal 223

Current Topics in Geosciences

Aquatic Greenhouse Gas Emissions in a Changing World

It is now widely known that inland waters (i.e., lakes, reservoirs and rivers) emit significant amounts of greenhouse gases (GHG; i.e., CO2, CH4, N2O), contributing to the role inland waters play in the global carbon cycle. As the number of aquatic GHG emission studies has increased in the last 10+ years, we have elucidated more insight into the gas sources, fluxes and relevant drivers of both, but many questions remain. Moreover, in order to better prepare for and/or mitigate future aquatic GHG emissions due to global environmental change, we must understand what controls emission at multiple scales as the drivers may vary widely. An overview of recent work on local, regional and global-scale drivers of lake and reservoir emissions, which include productivity, will be discussed. Where the research currently is and where it should go will also be addressed.

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